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Transcription Factor Potential
Binding Sites Regulated Genes
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Found 774 potential regulated genes
YAL068C YBR107C YBR112C YBR125C YBR148W YBR151W YBR184W YBR185C YBR204C YBR213W YBR240C YBR253W YBR284W YBR287W YBR299W YBR301W YCL044C YCR036W YCR046C YCR061W YCR073C YCR077C YCR079W YCR086W YCR087W YDL247W-A YDL215C YDL200C YDL187C YDL163W YDL161W YDL146W YDL129W YDL124W YDL119C YDL097C YDL078C YDL071C YDL069C YDL050C YDL048C YDL007W YDR018C YDR036C YDR047W YDR050C YDR059C YDR061W YDR071C YDR076W YDR077W YDR095C YDR097C YDR113C YDR114C YDR259C YDR328C YDR345C YDR379C-A YDR381W YDR381C-A YDR385W YDR392W YDR408C YDR487C YDR505C YDR512C YEL065W YEL044W YEL032W YEL026W YEL018W YEL017W YEL016C YER033C YER034W YER035W YER038C YER053C YER061C YER084W YER095W YER098W YER141W YER146W YFL060C YFL053W YFL022C YFL018C YFL017C YFR019W YFR031C YFR034C YFR035C YFR038W YFR051C YFR052W YGL255W YGL253W YGL236C YGL228W YGL218W YGL209W YGL124C YGL091C YGL064C YGL062W YGR004W YGR030C YGR037C YGR077C YGR089W YGR101W YGR120C YGR125W YGR126W YGR138C YGR140W YGR158C YGR190C YGR203W YGR238C YGR248W YGR273C YGR280C YGR281W YGR292W YHL018W YHR045W YHR049W YHR061C YHR070W YHR093W YHR114W YHR141C YHR173C YHR175W YHR179W YHR210C YIL155C YIL153W YIL119C YIL115C YIL108W YIL064W YIL059C YIL057C YIL056W YIL041W YIL012W YIL011W YIR011C YIR020C YJL216C YJL199C YJL188C YJL153C YJL147C YJL143W YJL135W YJL134W YJL027C YJR020W YJR030C YJR032W YJR104C YJR113C YJR143C YJR149W YKL201C YKL191W YKL187C YKL175W YKL165C YKL163W YKL148C YKL132C YKL112W YKL111C YKL109W YKL096W-A YKL047W YKL045W YKR016W YKR036C YKR040C YKR095W YLL043W YLL028W YLL005C YLR018C YLR019W YLR051C YLR056W YLR060W YLR072W YLR075W YLR111W YLR112W YLR140W YLR141W YLR145W YLR186W YLR194C YLR214W YLR231C YLR239C YLR256W YLR262C-A YLR278C YLR295C YLR304C YLR327C YLR343W YLR348C YLR359W YLR378C YLR398C YLR400W YLR436C YLR437C YLR467W YML128C YML112W YML088W YML081W YML064C YML058W-A YML052W YML025C YML014W YML013W YML007W YMR003W YMR043W YMR064W YMR069W YMR070W YMR092C YMR095C YMR123W YMR136W YMR209C YMR243C YMR244C-A YMR245W YMR272C YMR290W-A YMR294W YMR297W YMR309C YMR324C YNL334C YNL325C YNL315C YNL301C YNL290W YNL283C YNL280C YNL244C YNL207W YNL190W YNL188W YNL175C YNL169C YNL160W YNL134C YNL125C YNL118C YNL117W YNL076W YNL035C YNL030W YNL008C YNR001W-A YNR034W YNR041C YOL147C YOL143C YOL139C YOL120C YOL109W YOL059W YOL041C YOL027C YOL010W YOL009C YOR049C YOR057W YOR062C YOR064C YOR065W YOR071C YOR076C YOR082C YOR084W YOR097C YOR098C YOR136W YOR142W YOR144C YOR149C YOR152C YOR158W YOR197W YOR203W YOR204W YOR205C YOR223W YOR225W YOR270C YOR274W YOR298C-A YOR302W YOR326W YOR338W YOR363C YOR369C YOR370C YOR374W YOR384W YPL265W YPL261C YPL260W YPL247C YPL232W YPL180W YPL112C YPL102C YPL088W YPL048W YPL032C YPL026C YPL019C YPL018W YPR035W YPR063C YPR064W YPR065W YPR094W YPR111W YPR123C YPR135W YPR137W YPR148C YPR156C YPR181C Q0017 Q0144 YAL023C YAL021C YAL019W YAL004W YAR035W YAR042W YAR069C YBL103C YBL100C YBL079W YBL076C YBL063W YBL045C YBL043W YBR009C YBR018C YBR042C YBR054W YBR067C YJL084C YJL082W YJL054W YJL052C-A YJL035C YJL030W YDR524C-B YGR240C-A tM(CAU)P YJR112W-A YDL131W YLR154W-B YLR154C-G YMR001C-A YNL054W-A YPR137C-B YPR137C-A YPR158W-A YHR214C-D YNL054W-B YPR158W-B tE(UUC)K tF(GAA)Q tH(GUG)E1 tI(AAU)N1 tI(AAU)N2 tK(CUU)F tL(CAA)G3 tL(UAA)Q tQ(UUG)Q tR(ACG)Q2 tS(AGA)D1 tS(AGA)E tS(GCU)Q1 tS(UGA)Q2 tV(AAC)G1 tV(UAC)D YDL007C-A YLR146W-A YBR114W YBR116C YBR150C YBR181C YBR186W YBR206W YBR207W YBR248C YBR255W YBR280C YBR283C YBR297W YBR298C YCL043C YCL041C YCL039W YCL031C YCL028W YCL026C-B YCL010C YCR021C YCR024C-A YCR047C YCR049C YCR048W YCR057C YCR081W YCR084C YCR085W YDL239C YDL221W YDL185W YDL170W YDL141W YDL136W YDL130W YDL125C YDL123W YDL117W YDL072C YDL066W YDL047W YDL045C YDL015C YDR037W YDR060W YDR065W YDR092W YDR112W YDR133C YDR143C YDR159W YDR172W YDR177W YDR206W YDR216W YDR234W YDR247W YDR263C YDR277C YDR329C YDR330W YDR342C YDR384C YDR391C YDR474C YDR494W YDR525W-A YDR527W YEL068C YEL067C YEL046C YEL035C YEL020C YEL019C YEL017C-A YEL015W YER013W YER040W YER069W YER082C YER087C-B YER093C-A YER094C YER099C YER115C YER145C YER158C YFL054C YFL025C YFL021W YFL015C YFR017C YFR031C-A YFR033C YFR036W YGL262W YGL248W YGL234W YGL221C YGL194C YGL193C YGL160W YGL123W YGL090W YGL071W YGL045W YGL025C YGL016W YGR023W YGR038W YGR055W YGR067C YGR079W YGR088W YGR146C YGR156W YGR160W YGR181W YGR198W YGR211W YGR219W YGR250C YGR262C YGR265W YGR275W YGR289C YGR290W YGR294W YHL026C YHL024W YHR038W YHR044C YHR053C YHR054C YHR055C YHR096C YHR116W YHR131C YHR133C YHR142W YHR214W-A YIL137C YIL125W YIL109C YIL100W YIL099W YIL066C YIL042C YIL036W YIL013C YIL010W YIR012W YJL217W YJL214W YJL198W YJL150W YJL138C YJL136C YJL124C YJR017C YJR018W YJR065C YJR106W YJR111C YJR115W YKL195W YKL193C YKL190W YKL166C YKL165C-A YKL146W YKL141W YKL120W YKL113C YKL097C YKL095W YKL056C YKL055C YKL046C YKL033W YKR012C YKR015C YKR042W YKR094C YKR101W YLL046C YLL045C YLL027W YLL015W YLL012W YLR027C YLR044C YLR046C YLR055C YLR058C YLR073C YLR142W YLR144C YLR172C YLR188W YLR192C YLR235C YLR236C YLR254C YLR255C YLR283W YLR297W YLR301W YLR328W YLR332W YLR339C YLR350W YLR375W YLR379W YLR380W YLR438W YLR451W YLR456W YML129C YML126C YML114C YML091C YML089C YML081C-A YML057C-A YML057W YML024W YML016C YML015C YML008C YML007C-A YMR018W YMR093W YMR104C YMR114C YMR124W YMR135C YMR135W-A YMR172W YMR244W YMR246W YMR251W-A YMR296C YMR302C YMR304W YMR316W YMR318C YNL300W YNL299W YNL291C YNL282W YNL278W YNL241C YNL215W YNL196C YNL193W YNL142W YNL131W YNL100W YNL065W YNL055C YNL033W YNR018W YNR019W YNR040W YOL155C YOL146W YOL142W YOL111C YOL106W YOL086C YOL066C YOL060C YOL029C YOL025W YOL011W YOR018W YOR022C YOR063W YOR072W YOR078W YOR085W YOR133W YOR141C YOR146W YOR153W YOR156C YOR201C YOR273C YOR342C YPL258C YPL252C YPL245W YPL238C YPL234C YPL229W YPL182C YPL141C YPL138C YPL111W YPL110C YPL100W YPL092W YPL089C YPL049C YPL047W YPL043W YPL024W YPR006C YPR015C YPR024W YPR061C YPR086W YPR124W YPR125W YPR157W YPR161C YPR182W YPR183W YPR192W YPR200C R0030W Q0105 Q0110 Q0115 Q0120 Q0182 Q0250 YAL038W YAR068W YAR070C YAR073W YBL102W YBL064C YBL046W YBL044W YBR015C YJL088W YJL056C YJL051W YJL034W YBR182C-A YCR024C-B YGR146C-A YHL015W-A YKL096C-B YLR154W-E YLR154W-F YLR162W-A YMR105W-A YMR272W-B YPR036W-A YBR072C-A YJL077W-B YBR111W-A YBL101W-C YHR214C-E tD(GUC)J3 tR(UCU)J2 tS(GCU)L tS(GCU)O tT(AGU)C tT(AGU)O1 YBL100W-C YIL102C-A YIL105W-A
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